About Us – ጥቂት ስለእኛ!



ABOUT US – ጥቂት ስለእኛ!

The primary goal of this website is to  help children of Ethiopian background to fully understand their identity; empower them to feel proud of who they are as individuals and be successful in whatever they do and wherever they live.

የዚህ ድህረ ገጽ ዋንኛ አላማ ኢትዮጵያዊያን ተማሪዎች ማንነታቸውን እንዲያውቁ፣ በማንነታቸው ኮርተውና ጎልብተው በተሰማሩበት መስክ የተሳካ ስራ እንዲሰሩ ለማድረግ ነው።


We believe that one of the ways to understand their identity is by studying Ethiopian languages.
For now, we will excitingly start teaching Amharic online to children who were born or raised outside Ethiopia to enable them to build cultural and linguistic ties with their roots, as well as, effectively communicate with their own parents and grand parents. Such cultural connections empower the children and develop them to become successful bilinguals and biculturals. Strong cultural and linguistic competencies will further positively impact the children’s confidence and success in life.

This website is created by Dr. Nega’s Educational Center. The Center was established in 2013 in Columbus, Ohio. The Center has provided all educational services to Ethiopian-Americans and other students who live in Columbus area. The services include, but not limited to, tutoring, educational counseling, providing academic scaffolding and mentoring. Dr. Nega has published two children books (Little Brother and Amharic for Beginners).  His third book, entitled Introduction to Educational Technology is in the pipeline. This book is geared towards meeting the educational technology needs of Ethiopian educators.

ማንነታቸውን ለመረዳትና ለማወቅ ኢትዮፕያዊ ቁዋንቁዋ ማወቅ አንዱ መንገድ ነው ብለን እናምናለን። አማርኛ በኦንላይን በውጭ አገር ለተወለዱና ላደጉ ተማሪዎች ለማስተማር ስንዘጋጅ በትልቅ ደስታ ነው። ይህ የቁዋንቁዋ ክህሎት ለተማሪዎቹ ከቤተሰባቸውና ከወገናቸው ጋር የባህልና የመግባባት ትስስር ይፈጥራል። ባህላዊ ትስስር በራሱ አጎልባች በመሆን መንታ ቁዋንቁዋና ባህል እንዲይዙና እንዲያውቁ ያደርጋቸዋል። ጠንካራ የባህልና የቁዋንቁዋ ክህሎት አወንታዊ ተጽእኖ ኖሮት በልጆች ላይ በራስ መተማመንን እና የኑሮ ስኬትን ያመጣል ብለን እናምናለን።
ይህ ድህረ ገጽ የተገነባው በዶክተር ነጋ የትምህርት ማእከል ነው። ማእከሉ የተመሰረተው በ 2013 በኮሎምበስ ኦሃዮ ነው። ማእከሉ ብዙ ትምህርታዊ አግልግሎት ለኢትዮ-አሜሪካኖችና ለተጠቃሚዎች ይሰጣል። ከአገልግሎቱ መካከል ቱተር ማድረግ፣ ማማከር፣ ኦንላይን የትምህርት ድጋፍ መስጠትን ያካትታል። ዶክተር ነጋ ሁለት የልጆች መጽሀፍት ጽፍል። በትምህርት ቴክኖሎጂ ላይ ያተኮረ መጽሃፍም በመጻፍ ላይም ይገኛል። ይህ መጽሃፍ ለኮሌጅ ተማሪዎች ነው።